The technical division is formed by young and experienced researchers with the following missions:

  • To obtain and testing of biofluids: our products are tested with porcine and bovine embryo assay.
  • To develop and build quality tests for the products: media and fluids are controlled for suitable osmolarity and pH. Endotoxins free certified.
  • To cooperate with the scientific divison to analyse the information generated by its activities.
  • To maximize productivity through evaluation and to improve production factors.
  • To optimize actual production processes according to the quality guidelines.

TECHNICAL DIVISION DIRECTOR Degree in Veterinary Medicine (2015). She is currently a PhD student (Rep-Biotech Joint Doctorate) at University of Murcia. The aim of her Thesis is to assess the impact of assisted reproductive technologies on the establishment of epigenetic marks in porcine species. Recently, she was a visiting researcher at the Babraham Institute (Cambridge,…

Degree in Genetics and Biotechnology (2008), MSc. in «Comparative and Technological Molecular Genetics» (2011) from University of Trás- os-Montes e Alto Douro (Portugal), and MSc. in «Animal Behavior and Welfare» (2014) from Institute of Applied Psychology (Lisbon, Portugal). She got her PhD from University of Murcia (2019) in the Rep-Biotech Joint Doctorate after being a…