She is Full Professor of Reproductive Physiology in the University of Murcia, Spain,  where she leads the Physiology of Reproduction group. She got her PhD in 1990 with a Thesis on in vitro fertilization in pigs. She has developed pre and postdoctoral research activities in the University of Bologna (Italy), University of California at Davis (USA), The Babraham Institute in Cambridge (UK), University of Tennessee (USA) and The Institute of Zoology (London, UK). She has supervised 9 PhD students and has got national and international grants to develop her research during the last 20 years. Her main research goals are focused on the study of the physiological environment in the oviduct during the fertilization and on the identification of oviductal factors affecting gamete interaction. She is also interested in the development of new protocols to produce healthier embryos in vitro in mammalian species by including oviductal and uterine fluids in the culture media.