As an independent external laboratory, EmbryoCloud offers to companies a set of quality tests to control the material employed in the IVF laboratory. Our ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate ensures our work is done following strict protocols by experienced staff.

Advice and consultancy

Online consulting

Ask us your questions online and we will meet via zoom or Skype.

On-site consulting

We go to your facilities, observe and determine what improvement options we can offer.

Quality control

Bovine Embryo Assay (BEA)
Porcine Embryo Assay (PEA)
Determination of endotoxin levels in your media

Prices: BEA and PEA: €1,000 per batch of culture medium or medical device tested.
Endotoxins: 100 €/measurement.

Assisted reproductive technologies

As experts in animal reproduction, we also offer the following services on demand.


Embryo production
Vitrification of oocytes and embryos
Seminal analysis


Embryo production
Embryo transfer
Seminal analysis


In vivo/in vitro fertilization
Prices: €200 / replicated 3-4 mice
Animals and means by the applicant
Embryo production
Cryopreservation of lines


Semen freezing
Seminal analysis

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