Advantages of EmbryoCloud’s embryo culture media

Advantages of EmbryoCloud’s embryo culture media:

One of the advantages of embryo culture media offered by EmbryoCloud includes:

  1. Complete set: It encompasses the full spectrum of embryonic culture media to optimally and successfully cover the entire in vitro production cycle, from OPU (Ovum Pick-Up) to embryo transfer.
  2. Ready to use and minimal manipulation: The media are ready to use without the need for supplementation, ensuring minimal product manipulation and maximum convenience for laboratories.
  3. Serum-free: The culture media are serum-free, eliminating potential adverse effects. They are supplemented with natural reproductive fluids.
  4. Stable media with maximum consistency between batches: The high durability and large volume of batches ensure reproducibility and uniformity, enhancing batch consistency and allowing the exclusion of culture media as a factor affecting results.
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