Lyophilized culture media

Lyophilized culture media

One of the advantages offered by the new culture media set is its presentation format. While most commonly used culture media are usually in liquid form, the new product comes in a lyophilized format.

This represents an advantage over existing media as it substantially increases the product’s shelf life. Until now, there were no lyophilized culture media available for cattle or other mammals, nor were there any previous studies addressing this issue.

This is because the formulation of traditional culture media did not allow for lyophilization due to their composition of highly thermosensitive organic substances. Additionally, temperatures below 0ºC denature some of these compounds, such as proteins.

To overcome these technical limitations, EmbryoCloud has employed various stabilization processes for the medium, including the use of stabilizers widely used in the food or pharmaceutical industry.

This has allowed us to lyophilize the culture medium without denaturing its components or losing its nutritional properties.

Ready to use

It is also worth noting the “ready to use” format of the new target media set, which simplifies and reduces the professionals’ preparation time, minimizing potential errors or contaminations, improving process reproducibility, and reaching emerging markets where there are limitations in the conservation of culture media.

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